Red Light District


Course content:

  • All the questions that you never knew where to find:
  • Who are the sex workers?
  • Why is prostitution legal in the Netherlands?
  • How does the prostitution entrepreneurship work?
  • What are the laws regarding to prostitution?
  • How much do they earn and how much does their service cost?

Who would be interested in this course:

  • Those planning to move to the Netherlands OR have just arrived;
  • Those who are curious about the prostitution tolerance in the Netherlands;
  • Those who are interested in laws and in social services;
  • Those interested in culture in and lifestyle general.

Course duration: 2  sessions


Individual: €70 / Additional session: €33

Pairs: €38/person / Additional session: €15/person

Groups of 3: €28/person / Additional session: €11/person

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