Writing a cover letter


Course content:

  • Pre-curated, always up-to-date, and authoritatively sourced videos and articles
  • Expert guidance on tailoring and optimizing your cover letter to align with the requirements outlined in the job position you are interested in
  • Personalized mentorship throughout the process
  • Expert observations and feedback in order to improve your English skills


Who would be interested in this course:

  • Those planning to move to the Netherlands OR have just arrived;
  • Those who strive to stay consistently prepared for a new job opportunity;
  • Individuals with a specific position in mind who are encountering challenges in crafting an effective cover letter tailored to their desired role;
  • Professionals seeking to embark on a career change but don’t know from where to start.


Course duration: 2 sessions


Individual: €80 / Additional session: €35

Pairs: €42/person / Additional session: €20/person

Groups of 3: €30/person / Additional session: €15/person

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