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Unlock your potential with English.nl: overcome English language challenges and thrive in the Netherlands!

Empower yourself to connect with international teams, break language and cultural barriers, and showcase your full potential to the world. Take your career to new heights and embrace your new life by overcoming obstacles, conquering your fears, and expanding your horizons to understand different cultures. Network with global players, communicate confidently in English, and realize all that is within your reach. At English.nl, we offer more than just an English course – we provide solutions to common challenges faced by newcomers in the Netherlands, such as:

Boosting your confidence

Say goodbye to feeling "stupid" or struggling with daily tasks that used to be effortless in your home country.

Enhancing your language skills

Overcome the freeze-up moments and communicate fluently in English for all your professional and personal needs.

Adapting to the Dutch environment

Understand how to live in the Netherlands, navigate cultural nuances, and feel like yourself again.

Unleashing your potential

Tap into your true potential and seize opportunities with employers, employees, and clients from around the world.

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Mini-Courses for English language skills.

English.nl offers a series of mini-courses designed to assist expats and newcomers in the Netherlands with navigating the challenges they may face using English. These courses are not about teaching English, but rather enhancing the existing language skills of intermediate-level learners and up and building their confidence to effectively address various topics. Each mini-course focuses on a specific theme and offers a recommended minimum number of sessions, with additional sessions available for purchase.

English.nl’s mini-courses follow the EASA methodology – Engage, Activate, Study, Activate – which involves discussing the topic and how the learner already deals with it, practicing the topic, identifying errors based on business materials in English, and practicing the correct way to handle it. Our specialized mentor guides students throughout the process, providing valuable feedback and individualized guidance. Whether you’re a newcomer or have been in the Netherlands for some time, our mini-courses are designed to empower your English skills and help you confidently navigate various aspects of life in the Netherlands.

Basics for newcomers

Breaking cultural barriers

Job hunting

How to enroll in mini courses.

At English.nl, we have a simple and convenient process for you to enroll in our mini courses quickly and easily. Follow the steps below and start your English learning journey with us.


First, you will take a level test to determine your current level of English and ensure that you can keep up with our courses. You can access our level test by clicking here. This helps us understand your proficiency level and recommend the appropriate courses for you.

If you have questions about the level test or if you prefer a more detailed assessment, you can schedule a conversation with one of our instructors. Just click on this link. Our team will be ready to assist and answer all your questions.


After determining your English level, you can choose the courses that interest you the most. We have a wide variety of topics available to meet your learning needs.

Note that you can take the courses in pairs or in groups of three, however, you will need to find your partner(s) and you will be the responsible for the payment of the whole group.

If you do not have an adequate level of English, don’t worry! We also offer a special course for beginners, so you can start from scratch and develop your skills from there.


After purchasing the courses, you will receive a link to access our calendar, where you can schedule the sessions according to your availability. It’s easy and convenient, allowing you to manage your own learning schedule.

Who is the Mentor?

Cláudia Dimâmpera, born and raised in Brazil, fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. Former expat in Italy (1 year), UK (1 year) and the Netherlands (13 years). Either as a tourist or as a student, she has visited more than 25 countries and has worked in multinational companies both in Brazil and in Europe.

25+ years of experience teaching English, certified by Cambridge and the Canadian Institute of English and founder of Twist and Talk – the first and only school in Amsterdam (and perhaps in the world) to teach English through real-life activities. Helped expats from 30+ different nationalities to feel more confident in their English while living in the Netherlands. She is also a certified teacher of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

How can I help you?

If you relate to the difficulties mentioned above, you surely can benefit from one of the solutions I created for you. I collected the troubles I went through during my 13 years as an expat in the Netherlands, blended with the difficulties of the students of Twist and Talk and designed a very straight-forward program where you can choose which problem(s) to tackle first. Together, during live sessions, we will go through trustworthy and updated materials which explain how each of the daily matters work in the Netherlands. Throughout conversation sessions where we will practice real-life situations, I will help you to refine your English until you feel confident to fly solo in your new country. Be aware that, in order to take these courses, your level of English should be at least B1. If you aren’t sure about your level, click here.


Exploring Dutch Cuisine

The Netherlands is known for its delicious cuisine. From traditional Dutch pancakes to rich and flavorful stews, the country has something for everyone. There are

Frequently asked question

Here are the most frequently asked questions from our students about English NL’s mini-courses for expats in the Netherlands, along with their answers. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

English.nl offers two types of English courses:

  • For expats, focusing on practical and social aspects of life in the Netherlands such as healthcare system, taxes, national Holidays and celebrations, family life and so on.
  • For professionals, focusing on specific skills needed in the corporate world, such as negotiation, presentations, email writing, and more.